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      Say good-bye to termites, wood rot and all wood destroying Organisms, Safely, effectively and without leaving your home. You've seen the old way of treating termites, they put a big tent over your house and fill it with fumigants so toxic that you have to move out for days. After they remove the tent there is no gas or residual protection left, the house is literally immediately open to termite infestation again. Termites swarm throughout the year, chances are you will have termites again within two years. There is a better way and it all starts with Boron Crystals, these are natural minerals used in every day products such as face creams, eye wash and laundry detergents. These minerals crystals are the primary ingredients in our borate treatment. They are completely safe to you, your pets, your plants and the environment. When applied to the surface or injected, the solution penetrates, diffuses and locks into the fibers, becoming a permanent part of the wood itself. Once the termites consume the treated wood, they die, but not before the spread the active ingredient, killing the entire colony. This is the number one most cost effective way to protect your home and it is completely safe to you and your environment. Guaranteed


Caring for your home is our business. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. We are the leader in tent-less termite treatments and our service is second to none.

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